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For the past few months, country star Eric Church — the current reigning CMA Entertainer Of The Year — has been releasing a series of singles, including "Crazyland," "Doing Life With Me," and the excellent "Stick That In Your Country Song."

That whole time, Church made it clear that those new songs were part of a forthcoming album, but he didn't make any announcements about the album itself. Now, Church has unveiled some big plans. He's not releasing one album. He's releasing three.

In April, Church will release all three volumes of a new project that he's called Heart & Soul. Heart, the first album in the series, is out 4/16, with another album called Soul arriving a week later. In between, Church will also release a six-song vinyl EP called & that'll only be available to members of the Church Choir, Church's fan club. Altogether, Heart & Soul will have 24 songs. It's a pretty wildly ambitious undertaking for a mainstream country star.

"Heart On Fire," will serve as the opening track on Heart. "Heart On Fire" is not a Cut Copy cover, and that's probably a good thing. Instead, it's a Southern rock rave-up with pounding pianos and wailing backup vocals, and Church sings the hell out of it. Great song!