• SHAVED APE - DEMO Cassette Tape

SHAVED APE - DEMO Cassette Tape

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You may know Shaved Ape’s alter ego, Vince, from his time pounding the kit in Sickoids, Loose Nukes, and White Stains, among many others. Vince recorded Shaved Ape’s debut by himself on a 4-track, building it on the same floor plan as Poison Idea’s early recordings: straightforward in conception, virtuosic in execution, and practically vibrating with anger. The lyric sheet gives some insight into why Vince is so mad, with “Worm Food” in particular conjuring enough disgust to make me wanna sneak into the war room and just smash the big red button already. On second thought, riffs like the ones in “Moral Crumbs” and “Lord” are worth living for, so maybe I’ll stick around for at least six minutes so I can listen to this tape again. If the best 80s US hardcore still gets your blood boiling, Shaved Ape is for you.