• BAD BEAT - L.P. 2024 Vinyl LP

BAD BEAT - L.P. 2024 Vinyl LP

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Bad Beat is Detroit’s newest hardcore band offering a unique brand fast, pissed, and snotty hardcore, the likes of which the world has never seen. The band’s upcoming record, titled LP 2024, offers hardcore punk with even fewer frills than it’s overly simplified title suggests, clocking in 16 tracks in just over 13 minutes. LP 2024 will be Bad Beat’s first full release following a 2 song promo and 6 song Demo that were both released in 2023.

Not Like You starts with a bang, as the thundering bass foreshadows the riffs to come, only to have it hit like a freight train, despite all warnings. The song features Hold My Own’s Greg Falchetto, who’s gruff delivery closes the song out in a brutal stomp, bringing any listener into a moshing haze.

Big Mouth On You kicks things off with an expertly crafted drum fill that sends the song into warp speed ripping chainsaw guitars, before breaking it down for the moshers with singer James Lawson’s snarling delivery of poetic lines like “You think that your shit don’t stink. Big mouth on you- all I have to say is Fuck you” harkening back to the works of Emmerson, Whitman, and even Morisette.