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Now an established force in the reggae world, The Aggrolites just kept pumping out a steady stream of toe-tapping adventures all the way through the first decade of the 2000s. To many fans, this album really represents the point when this band permanently affixed themselves as a "forever" staple in the reggae world. "IV" would be their last album on Hellcat, but it would by no means be the last thing heard from these passionate and illustrious cats.

Track Listing:

1. Firecracker
2. What A Complex
3. Wild Time
4. Feelin' Alright
5. The Sufferer
6. It's Time To Go
7. By Her Side
8. Brother Jacob
9. Musically On Top
10. Reggae Summertime
11. Ever Want To Try
12. Keep Moving On
13. Tear That Falls
14. Gotta Find Someone Better
15. Lick It Up
16. The Least I Could Do
17. Runnin' Strong
18. Precious And Few
19. Tonight
20. Soul Gathering
21. It's Gonna Be O.K.