• BODEGA - WITNESS SCROLL LP (Mystery Color Vinyl)

BODEGA - WITNESS SCROLL LP (Mystery Color Vinyl)

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Witness Scroll, a live album recorded May 2018 at the Poetry Club (Glaslow) and the Lexington (London). Raw and cathartic, the record showcases the spontaneous electricity of their live sets - including extended renditions of live staples ’Truth is Not Punishment’ and ‘Can’t Knock the Hustle.’ Also on the disc is the new track ‘No Vanguard Revival’ and a re-worked version of ‘Stain Glaze’, originally a song by Ben and Nikki’s old band Bodega Bay. There are 1000 copies of this record. 800 come on clear vinyl and 200 of them are on limited glow in the dark vinyl. Which one will you get? Buy it and find out!

A1 Endlessly Scrolling
A2 Name Escape
A3 Bookmarks
A4 Can't Knock The Hustle
A5 Mo Vanguard Revival
B1 Margot
B2 Stain Glaze
B3 Gyrate
B4 Jack In Titanic
B5 Truth Is Not Punishment