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Gliding in on the twin engine discordant tones we’ve come to love from EXEK comes their new transmission “Advertise Here”

Beats bumping up thru a flapping spring reverb

Gilded production choices

Stripped bass bubbling in the cauldron

With each pass of the witch’s ladle, words float in the steam over the cacophonous concoction

The coven that croons together slays together

With every layer peeling back on our ear’s tongue we will exclaim “wicked”

Perhaps their strongest effort yet

The twin engines reappear now, tardy

Guitar and synthesis, rounded edges, worn and ever so slightly fuzzed out


This LP strives for new lyrical highs in my opinion

Pop at an arm’s length

Thru a greasy lens

A conversation

A conversation on drugs

A passing comment that sticks

an utterance from the death bed

Reminiscent of Brian Eno, White Fence, PiL, Full Circle, ESG, all things Geoff Barrows, Eroc, Lard Free, and music of free weirdos everywhere

This one is the mossy titled deck of a half submerged shipwreck

A green light in a red room

A lump of clay

The end of the night when you think “perhaps I should have left ages ago” 

But it’s too late now…you’re in too deep…might as well have one more dance

This LP is leaping even further out into the unknown for EXEK

A trip indeed

Full of hits with zero diss

and lots of hiss on no near miss” - John Dwyer