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Since the 2010s, Band has reigned over Osaka in both name and industry, drawing extraordinary details in the Kansai Punk Rock Scene since the 2010s, with the song? artwork, drawings, and all of them uncompromisingly drawn so as to broil everywhere to be "selected" from punk in the 1970s.

Formed in 2013, it has released a number of releases: Demo CD-R (2014), 1st 7"Genocide Or Suicide( 2016), 2nd 7"Razor Dog" (2017), and 3rd 7" Freak Out (2019). A number of predecessor activities of each member and all the accumulations are deeply assumed and continue to the present day.

Although it is natural to be talked about under the influence of US Punk, its existence blooms as a power of information and inspiration of a huge amount of PUNK consolidated in one city"Japanese Punk Band". It is a sharp meaning.

Punk Rock Band's new work, the GERØS "weerd dance (12") in Osaka. Now that the grudge has been deeply pierced, the 12" 45rpm board will finally be dropped into the world in April 2021.

The dark meaning of "weerd" crowned with the title remains intact, and the strange bewitching and sharp PUNK completed form is established. The built-in texture is expanded richly.

It is expressed without a chance as a deep Punk Rock with a deep punk rock that combines with a whispered Murder feel groove, a sweet and sharply cut cord that can be drunk from there, and an exquisite color that is richly carved, and we can have fun spending time scared so that we are not always taken behind by its "bad" presence.

Each part is cut off as one at a time from the development that was sluggish to dig up the grave, and gt that is sharp and killer riff responses and what is at the root of a clearer PUNK from there is sharp under consideration. Dr. is colored to lift the center of development, and it is finely engraved enough to be heard, and Ba, which embodies the presence of the song more, and the explosion of arrangement sense that repeats even the feeling of being painful is remarkable. This includes the unique and unridd interpretation of CRIME's unique sludge-like interpretation, the sharpness of LEWD and VAINS as a habit, the presence of special THE MAD, including elements that can be scraped off in FEEDERZ, etc. As the member confidence professes, the rhythm under the rockabilly influence crosses, and the feel more flaunts the one and only shape of the band.

The strength of the 45rpm board that come to "internal organs", the musicality with lye that the band has, and the artwork that is dangerous no matter how you think about it. All of this is a perfect sound source to represent the current stage of the band as a form, and this work does the body.

Prisons, psychiatric wards. Bondage, cutlery, necking, smiling madness, exposed head, catastrophic SEXUAL. And enjoying each other is mind control between each other. And he is happy and peaceful, with an important focus on human relationships.

Can a person creatively put out a new imagination so far while tracing the style from past literature? The fact that the great bands selected at Killed By Death/Bloodstains/Back To Front were never picked up with only rare values can only be told as an "experience", and punk that should be engraved on the grave marker is nervously polished in the vortex of expression.

? The artwork of this work is produced under the GERØS member confidence & supervision label killer boy. Everything was realized in their own complete control.