• H.E.R. - H.E.R. Vinyl 2xLP

H.E.R. - H.E.R. Vinyl 2xLP

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The enigmatic Gabriella Wilson aka H.E.R. has a gift for "channeling the pain and ecstasy of life through a variety of sonic moods." On 2017's H.E.R, a compilation album combining 2016's H.E.R., Vol.1, 2017's H.E.R., Vol.2, the Bay Area native shares honest post-breakup tales over lush, polished instrumentals, and the impeccable songwriting, in conjunction with expressive vocals and her penchant for soothing melodies, establish H.E.R. (acronym for Having Everything Revealed) as one of the most fascinating new artists of modern R&B. Check out "Best Part" featuring Daniel Caesar, an intimate, acoustic guitar-driven duet, or "Focus," a woozy slice of alt R&B w/ masterly low-end work. "Every Kind of Way" and "Avenue" are also standouts, and "Jungle," a Drake cover, further demonstrates H.E.R.'s far-reaching emotional and sonic palette.