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In 2019, joy transitioned to solo artistry, preparing the cocoon for PATREEARCHY, produced by Greg Saunier. Known for her soaring warble and dazzling costumes, the trappings of joy’s art coalesce here into a gossamer creature of mystery, of twinkling strings, of dreams wrought in solar flares.  “Bless your name” lurches and spins like a thought singing in the mirror. “her0” is lush as a Busby Berkely fever dream. “Thrashhold” in contrast, has joy baring her fangs in a scintillating jangle of undulating guitars. Joan Baez’s “silver dagger,” buffeted with longtime collaborator David Hinson on violin, is witch’s vow of freedom. 

This sense of freedom is the radiant seed from PATREEARCHY blossoms. joy’s shows are immersive performance art experiences, given her practice in banshee-esque operatic vocals, mime, and creative set and costume design applauded by Bandsintown as “One-of-a-kind, show-stopping ensembles and incredible, handmade pieces.” Once the world is ready, so will be joy!