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Finland had one of the best hardcore scene's in the world in 80's. Taking their inspiration from UK bands like Discharge, Disorder and Chaos UK the Finnish band produced a pretty unique and aggressive style of hardcore. Kaaos was one of the best bands from this period. They released a split 7" with the Cadgers, an LP, a 7" and a split LP with Terveet Kadet. Hailing from Tampere (Finland's second largest city) Kaaos included members of Riistetyt, the Bastards, Varaus, Protesti, Kuolleet Kukat, and Kohu-63.  This 7" was recorded in 1985 and originally released by Fight Records of Tampere, Finland in the early 90's. Havoc has licensed it for international release as part of an ongoing collaboration with Fight Records to re-release unheard classic Finnish hardcore.