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The Q Factor came out taking full swings with heartfelt youth anthems. Mid 90s. Living out of bay area/LA. Amidst a scene that seemed undecided on what the "positivity" they were singing about meant, The Q Factor championed shit that matters: politics of race, gender, nationality, sexuality, class, environment, love, etc. A refreshing clarity and sincerity in their lyrics, sounds, imagery, and lived ethics.

"To take a stand, it's gotta be your own feet, not the prepackaged newly improved ones they want you to buy. Stand up for yourself." —Stand up in the Name of Archibald Tuttle, The Q Factor

* Q Factor played Bkfd in the mid 90's at the Empire Club, they were on tour with Torches to Rome and Leadfood Broadcast. I always enjoyed their lone 7" that I bought at that gig. The discography although sparse in recorded output is a great insight to the 90's emo world. 

The Q Factor was:
Jake Hockel - Drums
Max Frixione - Guitar
Mona Martinez - Guitar
Chuck Shackelford - Bass
Nathan Apperson - Bass
Butch Bowen - Vocals

Mastered by Will Killingsworth

Track Listing

  1. Coffee Sucks
  2. Love
  3. Career Day
  4. I'm Not That Stupid
  5. Man Factory
  6. Money Human Life
  7. Stand Up In The Name of Archibald Tuttle
  8. A Toast