🔊 Introducing Going Underground's Internet Playlist

We're often asked for recommendations about what music we have been listening to and enjoying, so we have created this semi-frequently updated Spotify playlist to collect and share all the new and old stuff we have been loving and playing in the store!

Some of these releases are digital-only, out of print, or such limited editions that we aren't able to keep them around the store, so it's great to have a place to talk about some of this stuff:

  • The pushing daisies ep by julie (intentionally lowercase) has been on repeat and is *finally* coming to vinyl in October!
  • Friends of the store, Kumo 99, have an incredible new digital single called "Gomi" and are doing a California weekend in October with Fiddlehead and Fury.
  • Touch Girl Apple Blossom is a brand new band out of Texas who have nailed the twee pop sound that's dear to our hearts. This EP is digital-only, for now... 👀
  • Funny Car, So Cal's new darlings, dropped their two-song demo and we need more!

Turn it up and give us a follow!