• ...AND OCEANS - CYPHER (Clear Vinyl) LP

...AND OCEANS - CYPHER (Clear Vinyl) LP

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First Time on vinyl!

With the fourth album Cypher, Finnish black metal outfit …and Oceans completed their transformation from predominantly symphonic influences to industrial inspirations. Being a group that has never played safe, this record transcended genres, broke all rules and was both lauded and hated for it.

A must have for the fan to complete their …and Oceans collection.

Artwork by Niklas Sundin.

Side A:
- Fragile: Pictures Of Silence: Melting The Skies (02:47)
- Picturesque: Cataclysm Savour: And The Little Things That Make Us Smile (03:26)
- Angelina: Chthonian Earth: Her Face Forms Worms (03:53)
- Halcyon: The Heavy Silence: In Silent Rain (03:46)
- Aphelion: Light Evanescence: Into Extinction (03:29)
- Opaque: The Morning I Woke Up Dead: Today Is The Day (03:09)
- Aphid: Devil Flower: Fruits Of Lunacy (03:32)
Side B:
- Voyage: Lost Between Horizons: Eaten By The Distance (04:18)
- Catharsis: End Of Organisms: Absolute Purification Of Sins (02:32)
- Silhouette: In White Rooms: Vacant Bodies (03:48)
- Comatose: The World Amnesia: Planet Dead (02:59)
- Debris: The Magenta Harvest: Liquid Flesh (04:19)
- Nail: An Odyssey In Flesh: Celebrate The New Skin (05:17)