• CHARGER - S/T Vinyl LP


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CHARGER is very soon going to be a band that needs no introduction for music fans across the globe.

It didn’t start off as a band, but more of a musical challenge between two accomplished heavyweights exploring their roots and mutual passions.

CHARGER is driven by a love for 70’s hard rock as much as it is the ever-present ‘East Bay sound’ that has shaped these musicians lives for decades.

In the same way you can’t throw MOTORHEAD in a box and label them metal, punk, thrash or hard rock, this incredible band and record will both prove themselves a force to be reckoned with on a global stage. Defying all genre expectations, and just plain bringing the ROCK - this powerful three piece will undoubtedly take these incredible songs far and wide.

Backing it right up, their live show is superb as well; something folks in the Bay Area have not taken for granted over the past half-year - and something that the rest of the world is about to get a taste of, in a big way!

If you are someone who enjoys the best of BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, MOTORHEAD, DIO, AC/DC, METALLICA, NEUROSIS, HIGH ON FIRE & of course, RANCID (or even one of those bands), listen up! This is for you!

1. Crackdown 
2. Victim 
3. Damage 
4. All Kings Must Die 
5. Pray For Light 
6. Fall Out 
7. Dragdown

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