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Composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, bandleader and DJ Emma-Jean Thackray is proud to announce her new EP ‘Rain Dance’, released via her brand new label ‘Movementt’.

The announcement comes with the release of the first single from the EP, the breathtaking ‘Rain Dance / Wisdom’, which sees Emma and her band switch transition between different moods and tempos before building to a blistering conclusion that blurs the lines between jazz and psychedelia.

On the track Emma says, “I reimagined the first half of the track from another beat (Rain Dance from the Ley Lines EP) and it’s completely live with my band. The track holds moments for each musician to shine and say something, and always goes down well live because it shows how well we improvise together. We always bring lots of energy, brave moments of stillness, and telepathic communication / awareness from being such a strong unit as a band.”

Following tracks ‘Open’ and ‘Open (again)’ utilise samples from her own live recordings with the band, chopping them up and layering with other instruments to create a track that manages to feel both vast and intimate. Emma states, “Open is for those in a romantic relationship supporting their ill significant other, for single parents of children with additional needs, for anyone who is upholding others as well as themselves and trying to remain open to that love, reminding them that the balance in relationships continually shifts and that emotional walls aren’t always strength, letting them come down is.”

‘Rain Dance’ is an exploration of all of Emma’s talents: the loose-limbed closer ‘Movementt’ draws inspiration from her dance-orientated DJ sets and is completely performed by Emma. A rising groove mixed with nimble instrumentation that pulls the listener deeper into the dance. It’s a key moment on the EP: “It is the musical embodiment of what the label is about; it’s music to move the body, the mind, and to move the soul. The label is all about music that captures everything I believe it should: the coming together of the visceral, the cerebral, and music that nourishes the soul. ”

With this release Emma-Jean Thackray has created something unique, an EP that allows the listener to sink into an all encompassing new world and dive deeper into the mind of one of the UK’s most exciting artists. Stay tuned for more news.