ESPERANZA - 1998-2001 Vinyl LP

ESPERANZA - 1998-2001 Vinyl LP

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Esperanza was important for many reasons, chief among them the ability to identify and delineate serious problems rooted in immediate experiences and connecting them to larger socio-political phenomenon while doing it in a time of relative comfort...when it is harder to be "angry" but even more important to be we all learned with the era that would soon be birthed on September 11, 2001...leading us the present uncertainty of COVID19 and everything thing that connects the two...

Esperanza means "Hope" in Spanish. That really brought it home to me. In a world where darkness looms, we must carry our torch...
~Fernando Alaniz

Esperanza was:

Mike Amezcua - Bass
Raymon Ruiz - Guitar
Jake Hockel - Drums
Steve Aoki - Guitar
Rich Booher - Vocals