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COVER FEATURE is a three-parter on MOONDOG. Our editor’s phone interview with him from 1998, some amazing never-before-seen-images, and crucially this series of archival interviews from 1953. SHANA CLEVELAND The singer-songwriter / La Luz leader’s hand-written illustrated tour diary chronicles a European tour with her own newborn baby, and it’s really unlike anything you’ve seen or read before GAINESVILLE RIOT ’88 On tour supporting ‘Bug,’ the immense DINOSAUR JR’S laconic wall of sound helped to start a riot at their show in a Florida university hall. Thankfully our old pal Kevin Arrow was there with slide film in his camera to capture the event. These images have never been seen before.
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• A Robert Frank Tribute
• Upcoming Mariangela Reissue
• A Look at Toody Cole’s Portland store
• Don Letts Interview
• Artist Rebecca Morgan
• Astra Taylor Interview
• Denis Johnson Archival Interview
• A Re-evaluation of “Babe: Pig in the City”
• 1960s Detroit Gospel Flyers
• Luc Sante’s Photo Column Debut
• Featire on Snowboarding Legend Russell Winfield
• Ana Gavrilosvska’s Writings on Yazz Ahmed
• Live Show Reviews of Mayo Thompson and Eliane Radigue
• RJ Smith on the Legacy of Skeeter Davis
• A look back at New Mexico News, from Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeremy Barnes