• MAYHEM - BOMB ALL Vinyl 7"


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Official re-release of the 1982 smash record, originally released on Riot City Records.
On this record, Mayhem from Southport in England offer a wacky and unpolished punk sound that differs massively from the original GB punk of that time.
MAYHEM came from the environment of BLITZKRIEG and THE INSANE with whom there were personnel overlaps. Originally the band started rehearsing with a bunch of mates who used to hang out at the legendary Eric's Club in Liverpool, where they often went to matinee shows on Saturdays. MAYHEM existed from about 1979-1986, but put out their last record in 1985.
The record blasts out of the speakers with such a chaotic energy that you just can't sit or stand still, it encourages you to destroy precious things.
Put the record on when you get up in the morning, it will ruin your day. This is punk.
First re-release since 1982