• MAYHEM - LIFE ETERNAL (Picture Disc) Vinyl LP

MAYHEM - LIFE ETERNAL (Picture Disc) Vinyl LP

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Limited picture disc with artwork by Daniele Valeriani, Life Eternal is a documentation of Csihar’s first journey to Bergen, Norway in 1993. Taken from tapes Csihar made during the vocal recording sessions of the now legendary De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas full-length, Life Eternal’s five tracks are rough, studio mixes from the record and feature varying vocal styles from Csihar, as well as the drum intro of “Funeral Fog” that was cut from the final release.

01 Cursed in Eternity 5:07
02 Pagan Fears 6:17
03 Freezing Moon 6:19
04 Funeral Fog 5:48
05 Life Eternal 6:51