• MY MORNING JACKET - LIVE 2015 (White Vinyl) 3xLP

MY MORNING JACKET - LIVE 2015 (White Vinyl) 3xLP

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Widely considered one of the greatest live bands of their generation, My Morning Jacket have emerged as one of the most vital and reliably thrilling forces in American rock and roll. On ‘Live 2015’, their first live album in 15 years, MMJ showcase 16 hand-picked, explosive new live tracks recorded over the course of 2015’s ‘The Waterfall Tour’. Now available exclusively on white vinyl in this new 3LP set.

Track list
1. Victory Dance (Live)
2. Circuital (Live)
3. Compound Fracture (Live)
4. I'm Amazed (Live)
5. Believe (Live)
6. Evil Urges (Live)
7. Off The Record (Live)
8. Tropics (Live)
9. The Way He Sings (Live)
10. Wonderful (Live)
11. Get The Point (Live)
12. Masterplan (Live)
13. Dondante (Live)
14. Wordless Chorus (Live)
15. Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Pt 2 (Live)
16. Gideon (Live)