• PATRICIA - MAXYBOY (Colored Vinyl) LP


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For over a decade, Max Ravitz has been obsessively working in his home studio, crafting electronic music under various guises. His primary solo project, Patricia, has been a mainstay in New York's DIY electronic music scene, with releases on labels such as Opal Tapes, Nona, and Ghoslty’s Spectral Sound imprint. Ravitz is a life-long musician with a passion for collecting, studying, and using all types of electronic music equipment. This focus on hardware lays the foundation for both his recorded music and live sets-- two distinct entities with a similar flavor. He is a process-driven artist who values creative constraint, improvisation and collaboration with others. Over the years, his numerous collaborative projects include Inhalants (with Jahiliyya Fields), Masks (with Arp), DSR.MR (with Cloudface), and Ociya (with Tin Man). Ravitz's love of synthesizers has recently led him from Brooklyn to Asheville, North Carolina, where he has taken on the role of Product Specialist at Moog Music. Maxyboy marks Ravitz's first full-length effort for Ghostly International. Over the course of 10 songs, Maxyboy presents a more varied stylistic approach than past Patricia releases, shifting away from some of the 'lo-fi' sounds he's known for. With clear nods to electro, acid, IDM, and techno, Maxyboy puts on display Ravitz's eclectic range of influence-- from collaborators and contemporaries, to classic innovators alike. Titled after his family’s childhood nickname for him, Maxyboy serves as a window to Ravitz’ range of musical interests. “Myokymia,” “Downlink” and “Crushed Velvet” highlight Ravitz's penchant for intricate drum programming; while album closer Ctenophora hints towards his drumless sensibilities. Ranging from driving and somatic (“Dripping,” “Turtle Funk”), to ambient (“Julia Set”) to acid (“Dew Point,” “Dr. Oetker's Ristorante”), each song carries an evocative, questioning quality-- something any listener can enhance for themselves by closing the eyes and letting the sounds course through.