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Skylight is the follow up to 2016s widely-acclaimed breakthrough
album, Cardinal. The physical edition comes with an entire bonus
album, Skylight II (the album performed acoustically).
In 2017, Pinegrove moved into a rural farmhouse in upstate New
York to make their new album Skylight, living, working and
recording together. This DIY ethos solidifies Pinegrove’s position
at the epicenter of a creative community, where they've adopted a
“friends first policy” when cycling through the band’s touring

Skylight is “an album about happiness, figuring out how to be
optimistic and realistic. To be effectively optimistic, you have to
establish relationships with darkness and disappointment. The
position of optimism is earned.” Hall’s “classic American melodies”
and emotionally direct lyrics, blend seamlessly with alt-country
instrumentation and experimental rhythms of drummer Zack
Levine. The band are confident in their idiosyncrasy, dropping pop
structures when they no longer fit. The songs swing between
wider extremes – whisper to full-belt and back again, treading
mid-air – and Pinegrove more exactly, more full-throatedly say
what they’ve been trying to say.

A1 Rings
A2 Portal
A3 Intrepid
A4 Paterson & Leo
A5 Angelina
B1 Thanksgiving
B2 Easy Enough
B3 Darkness
B4 Skylight
B5 Amulets
B6 Light On