• RAZZIA - REST OF 1981 - 1990 VOL. 2 LP

RAZZIA - REST OF 1981 - 1990 VOL. 2 LP

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The second part of the "Rest of" series contains material from the years 1981-1990, but the focus of this compilation is on the early phase of RAZZIA and therefore most of the songs come from the "Tag ohne Schatten" era. This punk-historical contemporary document consists of rare and mostly unpublished demo, practice room and live recordings and apart from the studio track "Scum awake" none of the songs (or versions) has ever been released on vinyl or CD. Included are, for example, songs like: "He or I", "Chaos", "Hang him up", "Who, How, Where", "Goodbye" or the original version of "Slalom d 'a Mort", the 1985 under the title "On the way to nowhere" was sung with another text in German. The pieces show what the band made out in their early phase: Rough, aggressive punk, peppered with the guitar melodies typical of RAZZIA, with which they set new standards on their second album "Ausflug mit Franziska" at the latest in 1986. The majority of the tapes from the RAZZIA archive were mastered as best as possible for this project, but those who expect high quality are completely wrong here. We're talking about the early 80s and they were rough, raw and above all authentic! LP comes in the inside-out cover and 140g vinyl, label and cover are also numbered on volume 2.