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Somewhere at the midpoint of the 1980’s, New York City birthed the then unheard of conglomerate of Heavy Metal and Hardcore later known as Crossover. Although bands such as the Crumbsuckers, Agnostic Front, Leeway, Carnivore and Nuclear Assault are rightfully cited as progenitors of the genre from the area, there are a few who helped cultivate this sound who were lost to the annals of time.

One such band is Brooklyn’s Sarcasm. Across their two demo tapes from 1986 – "Man of God?" and "War Song" – the band displayed the same amount of burly sonic confidence as the aforementioned bands, but sadly never got the same recognition back in the day. In an attempt to right that wrong, Radio Raheem is slapping both of Sarcasm’s demos onto vinyl for the first time ever, tying it together with a bevy of photos and flyers and titling it War Song. With an overabundance of sick riffage and enough mid-tempo chug to sound like a foreshadowing to what would become of NYHC during the 90’s, "War Song" is a welcomed introduction to a band that was sadly unheralded in their day.

Track Listing: 
01. Death Strike
02. Back Off
03. War Song
04. Interceptor
05. After Math
06. Man Of God
07. Dusted (You're Fucked)
08. Khadafy Stomp
09. Kill Your Mom
10. Cause You Suck
11. To The Death
12. Gimme A Break