• SNOT PUPPIES - 1978 Vinyl 7"

SNOT PUPPIES - 1978 Vinyl 7"

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Official release of the lost Snot Puppies record from 1978. Recorded in Hollywood by Beverly Hills High School students, among them Jeff McGregor of The Screamers. Snot Puppies were Active for a few months between 77 and 78, played The Masque with The Eyes, The Whisky with The Germs and the Mabuhay with The Screamers before breaking up by end of summer '78.

Cover features a photograph by Slash Magazine photographer Melanie Nissen, taken at the Masque. Every copy includes an insert with rare photos, fyers and a new interview with the Snot Puppies, as well as a postcard of an unpublished photo of The Masque club by Michael Yampolsky.

This 3 track EP was remastered from the master tape by its original producer Geza X.

Superior sound quality to the cassette rip on KBD #13 and includes one additional track not found on that comp.