• TRAMADOL - DEMO Vinyl 7”


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We welcome Tramadol’s totally essential self-titled demo, re-released here by Crew Cuts on Red 7” vinyl.
With all the quality you’d expect, from a band who’ve shared members with Frisk, Powerplant and The Wound, these five tracks offer a distinct and acidic journey through a nightmarish landscape of hardcore. Originally released on cassette in October 2021 on Donor Records, They’re also a document of a thriving punk scene in the north of England. There’s a particularly immersive element to Tramadol, and the incisive playing on this record allows for both groove and speed, keeping you fixed, firmly in its aura.
All in all, it’s a flawless embodiment of negativity. - Charlie Murphy

"This is a brick. Absolutely solid hardcore that while raw, doesn't make the mistake most raw hardcore does: this has riffs. Songs that jump at you with disciplined simplicity, and sometimes tilt into psychedelic loops. Production is massive, without scrubbing off the noisier peaks. This record doesn't fit comfortably in any particular "era" or region of hardcore, but things that came to mind were: "See Nothing..." Discharge and Framtid, with shades of Boston bands like Mind Eraser and Scapegoat." - Andy Mcsharry