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“At the risk of sounding like a fucking nerd, Self-Immolation Suite is essentially a concept record in suite form, comprised of one 14 minute song in 5 parts,” says Unurnment’s sole operator, Federico Avilla.  “Oops. I know, not very ‘caveman death metal’ of me.”

Federico continues: “Unurnment’s existence has so far been a series of challenges made to myself. Spiritual Penury’s 3 tracks were a challenge to see if I even COULD make a death metal record completely on my own. Self-Immolation Suite takes it one step further, evolving familiar lyrical themes into an overarching storyline in an effort to bring a more earnest sentiment and cinematic feel to the classic brutal death metal sound.

 “Sure, on its surface this is a story about self-immolation, but it’s also about not being able to escape yourself,” Federico explains. “Being stuck in your flesh prison on this piece of shit earth and learning to either live with it or go out in a ball or glory. If all that sounds like some punisher ass high concept metal dork bullshit to you then fuck it. Ignore all of that. It’s 5 ruthless tracks about lighting yourself on fire. Turn it up loud and don’t think too hard about it.”