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ROBERTA FINDLAY'S 1985 X-RATED CULT CLASSIC "TENEMENT", SOUNDTRACK LP, SCORE COMPOSED BY WALTER SEAR. Deluxe Gatefold lp soundtrack score is limited to 500 copies, Pressed on 180 gram Marble Vinyl. Full color printed inner sleeve. Included in the liner notes is interview with legendary film Director Roberta Findlay. 

  Music composed by Walter Sear (LET’S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH, DOCTOR BUTCHER M.D., MIDNIGHT COWBOY). Tenement soundtrack boasts a diverse mix of heavy rock , synth score music that captures the gritty, dark atmosphere of the film, also features the rap song "Tenement" by The Kool Krew, plus more!. Recorded at Walter Sear’s legendary New York City recording studio, Sear sound.

Walter E. Sear and Roberta Findlay met in 1976, the pair produced a variety of music for films at Sear Sound, Walter’s studio in Hell’s Kitchen. Sonic Youth recorded "Sister“ (1987) there, Paul McCartney and David Bowie visited there, as did Marianne Faithful and Liza Minelli. Since Walter’s passing Roberta has been in charge of Sear sound studio NYC. Walter directed most of the comedic features they produced. Dear Pam (1976), Sweet, Sweet Freedom (1976), Liquid A$$ets (1982) – films still widely attributed to Findlay in most sources. Catchy Pop tunes were created for films like From Holly With Love (1978) , Justine – A Matter of Innocence (1980) , Shauna – Every Man’s Fantasy (1985). With Tenement (1985) Sear composed hard rock instrumental music , dark synth score music, and rap song by the Kool Krew, to set the atmosphere for an ultra violent gang of thugs gone berserk in the South Bronx.